Social Responsibility


1. Nordpak Packaging comply with national and local environmental law and regulations.

2. Nordpak Packaging have strict system to minimize its impact on the environment with respect to solid waste disposal. hazardous chemicals storage and management.

3.Virgin solvents are now only used for printing purposes. and on the laminator for solvenl-based lamination. We will reduce solvent usage and maintain this reduction. despite a considerable increase in volume of work.


1.The material direct with food is food grade. is 100% safe for human health. We can provide SGS test report complying with FDA regulation 21 CFR 177.1520

2.The solvent is water solvent, no smell, is safe for human health.

3.We highly value employee training,and invest heavily at the Nordpak Packaging companies in a wide range of measures for the skills training. personal development and health and safely of our employees.


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